Selling during fall or winter season? In Mammoth you can!

mammoth mountain

Everybody knows that spring and summer are the best seasons to sell a house. Thing is, here in Mammoth Lakes it can be different!

Being a year-round resort, from fishing and mountain biking to skiing, the appeal for buyers to look for their new home in Mammoth never ceases!

So, cheer up and let’s get your home ready to sell, taking advantage of the season!

1-    Show what your home looks like in Spring and Summer

Include a photo album or digital slideshow of the exterior in the summer, spring, and fall.

Highlight garden beds, and patios or decks with furniture so the buyer can envision the home year-round.

2-    Basic maintenance becomes key

Check window seals and doors for drafts. A drafty window is most noticeable on a cold day, so take extra efforts to weather seal and insulate around windows and doors.

Have the furnace and water heater serviced: change the filters so the air will have a good, fresh scent.

3-    Let there be light

Shorter days and lower sun make it more difficult to have nice light throughout your home. Besides the usual (retract blinds, and widen curtains, so there’s minimal window coverage. The windows will look bigger, and it’ll encourage daylight to flow into your space.), it might be a good idea to switch some light bulbs for brighter ones.

A bathroom looks great with daylight bulbs (5,000-6,500K) and living spaces, such as bedrooms and living rooms, look best with soft white bulbs (2,700K). Go for cozy and bright.

4-    Curb appeal to enhance the season

Leaf and snow-covered sidewalks can make a perfectly nice home look sloppy and poorly maintained. Use a leaf blower daily to keep leaves, branches, and outdoor dirt off the walkways, and do your best to keep the yard clear of leaves, too.

Place boundary markers on the snow to make it easier to the seller to envision the property.

Keep the deck shoveled and salted so buyers can walk outside to experience the space. If the climate allows, keep outdoor furniture on your patio so they can get a better feel for the outdoor living space. 

A snow-man in the yard is always a nice seasonal addition!

5-    Go for cozy and inviting

Accessorize the main living area with neutral-but-coordinated throws and pillows and unscented candles for ambiance. Feel free to add seasonal accents, but do not over-due it: a couple of small pumpkins on the steps could help, but heavy, Halloween décor would not! If you have vaulted ceilings, a nice and tall Christmas tree can help accentuate the space. But avoid going heavy with religious decoration.

Make an impression with your gas or electric fireplace!

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