Living Green in Mammoth



For all the generations before mine, food was a simple pleasure.  They were lucky!  Lucky because the food that they ate was real. Those earlier generations didn’t have to worry about making healthy choices…food was healthy!  Even fast

My early life growing up with the McDonald’s, the Hardee’s, the In’s and the Out’s, and the King’s has changed me forever.  I’m from a generation where most of us naturally fell into the consumption and mind-set, not of our forefathers, but with how fast and more ‘convenient’ could we get our food.

In today’s world, fifty years later, this generation is reevaluating the consequences of their casual choices.  Or maybe not…across the West, a new generation of ‘new and improved’ convenient food establishments are popping up…’bigger, better, butterier, beefier, and fructose enhanced food for you!

The so-called Western diet generally consisting of processed foods and meat, lots of added fat and sugar, lots of refined grains invariably suffer from high rates of so-called Western diseases:  Obesity, type 2 diabetes, 80 percent of the cardiovascular disease, and than a third of all cancers can be linked to this diet.

If you’ve fallen into the crevasse of the super market or have a habitual, five-minute relationship with the talking box and sliding window you’re not alone.  We all know now that this is not food for ‘life’.  We are an entire nation that identifies with this problem.  Ask yourself, “How can I change the food rules for the present and next generation?”

Consider yourself the link to the change for you, your family and your friends…make the relationship between you and your health a family affair.  Share information, nutrition guidelines, exercise programs, and most of all support.  Encourage good eating habits and adopt easy, quick, and simple food rules for lif

Habits are not easy to break for anybody.  It is a human choice.  Making a personal transition can be quicker than you think it would take to get off the fast and nasty, by following the food rules according to Michael Polan, author of “Food Rules…An Eater’s Manual”. 

You might find, like my family did, that a small pocket book that reads in less than an hour, will make a significant impact on your family’s food choices and their health.  If we all understand and incorporate the omnivore philosophy of ‘you really are what you eat’, life as we know it can be easy and healthy.


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