Hurricane Harvey: How you can help displaced pets

Rescue groups in California and throughout the country are mobilizing to help pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey and subsequent flooding in Texas and Louisiana.

The devastation Hurricane Harvey slowly is leaving behind includes at least 63 people dead and up to 40,000 homes destroyed. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott suggested the cost of recovery could be as much as $180 billion. What we don’t yet know is the toll it has left on pets caught up in the flood or left behind by their owners, fleeing to save their lives.

In Houston alone, a city of 2.3 million, there likely are thousands upon thousands of pets in need.

Who’s looking out for them? Fortunately, help has come from a multitude of organizations, large and small, from all over the United States, and pet lovers everywhere who are chipping in with money, pet food, blankets, leashes and the promise of a safe haven until Texas is back on its feet.

A perfect example is PetSmart Charities who is reaching out to help pets and pet parents in need. The organization has earmarked at least $1 million in emergency relief funding to help animal welfare agencies who are working on the front lines to rescue, relocate, feed and care for pets that have been left homeless due to the floods. Animal welfare organizations working to save the lives of pets in these areas are can visit to apply for an emergency relief grant. 

“Our thoughts are with all of the people and pets who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey,” said Dr. David Haworth, DVM, Ph.D., President of PetSmart Charities. “We’re committed to supporting everyone we can who has been impacted by this disaster, including pets and pet parents staying in evacuation centers and shelters in Houston and Dallas who may not have access to the pet food and essentials they need.”

The best way to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey is through monetary donations. Your generous contributions make it possible for PetSmart Charities® to provide emergency relief support.

Click here to donate, or here to find more relief charities to donate too!

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