Boost your energy with delicious crunchy kale!

Crunchy raw kale, tangerines or clementines, jalapeño and goat cheese make a vibrant superfood meal! 

kale citrus salad

This time of the year I often crave for something earthy but refreshing, and the mix of kale and tangerines makes it happen!

I found this recipe on "The pioneer woman cooks DINNERTIME", by Ree Drummond, and I think it's just perfect! Super easy and fast to prepare, you are guaranteed to impress your guests!

SALAD:                                              CREAMY CITRUS DRESSING:

1 bunch kale                                      1/4 cup orange juice                                    pinch of kosher salt

1                                           1 garlic clove                                              pinch of black pepper

3 tangerines or clementines               1 teaspoon sugar                                       1 heaping tablespoon sour cream or Greek yogurt

4 oz goat cheese                                2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil  

1- Start by prepping the kale. Rinse it well and dry it, then discard the stalks.

2- Working in bunches, roll up the leaves into a tight roll and use a sharp knife to slice it very thin.

3- Next, cut the ends of the jalapeño and use a sharp knife to cut really thin slices. Use a spoon to clear as many seeds out of the centers as you can, so that you mostly just have green circles.

4- Peel the tangerines or clementines, then slice them and cut them into chunks.

5- Add the chunks of tangerines or clementines, along with the jalapeño and the chunks of goat cheese to the salad.

6- For the dressing: pour the orange juice into a small jar. Grate or press in the garlic, add the olive oil, sugar , salt and pepper. Put the lid on the jar and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds.

7- Finally, add the sour cream or the Greek yogurt and shake again.

8- Dress and toss the salad, and you are ready to serve it!

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